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Shikoku (08:40)


The Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific surround the southern island of Shikoku. The Naruto region is known for its rich soil. Sanuki is part of the Buddhist pilgrimage of Ohenro that goes through the island's 88 temples.

Imabari and the Seto Inland Sea (06:15)

Most of Shikoku is mountainous; people established cities on coastal plains. Imabari has a large shipyard and port on the Seto Inland Sea. The sea is 279 miles wide and provides cultural and economic links.

Kyushu (03:58)

The island south of Shikoku is the third largest in Japan. It is a thermal spa destination for many because of volcanic activity and hot springs.

Mount Aso (02:54)

The largest volcano on Kyushu has multiple active cones. Villages and farms heavily populate the plains around the mountain.

Kumamoto (03:28)

The historic city is between Mount Aso and the Ariake Sea on Kyushu. The Kumamoto Castle was built in the 15th century.

Ariake Sea and Mount Unzen (06:25)

People cultivate Nori seaweed in the Ariake Sea. Mount Unzen is a large, active volcano that last erupted in 1991. The Saga region is across from Ariake Sea from Mount Unzen.

Nagasaki (03:31)

The city has been an important maritime hub for Japan since the 16th century. The atomic bomb, dropped in 1945, destroyed a third of the city.

Goto Islands (03:39)

The archipelago has 11 inhabited islands. Christians used the islands as a refuge when the government outlawed Christianity. The islands contain about 50 churches.

Ryukyu Islands (05:11)

The islands are the southern tip of Japan. Their location on the boundary of the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean has created a different culture than the rest of Japan. Okinawa was independent from Japan for much of its history.

Credits: "Episode 3: The Blue Islands (Japan: Between Earth and Sky)" (00:04)

Credits: "Episode 3: The Blue Islands (Japan: Between Earth and Sky)"

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The southern islands, Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawa are the cradle of Japanese spirituality. This journey between sea and sky to discover the mystical and wild islands of the South will reveal the face of a secret Japan.

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