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Tokyo (08:34)


The largest city on the main island of Honshu is also the capital and home to over 13 million people. It has recovered from earthquakes and bombing during World War II.

Mount Fuji (01:51)

Mount Fuji is 100 kilometers from Tokyo and is the highest point in Japan at 3,776 meters. Ascending the mountain is common for many Japanese residents.

Shizuoka Region (06:05)

Nagoya is a city at the foot of the Japanese Alps. The area is known for growing wasabi and tea. Nagoya is the fourth largest city in Japan, with two million residents.

Kyoto (05:00)

Kyoto was the political center of Japan for 1,000 years and has many temples, palaces, and gardens. The Kinkaku-ji Buddhist temple is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

West Coast of Honshu (05:51)

The coast, along the Sea of Japan, is mostly wild. Fishing villages use bamboo fences to block high winds. There are numerous tourist attractions in the area around Tottori.

Nara (02:58)

This small city was once the capital of Japan. Yoshino Mountains is home to the celebrated cherry blossoms.

Osaka (06:00)

Japan's third largest city is the economic capital of the Kansai region. Modern buildings surround the city’s ancient castle and gardens. The city has numerous rivers and canals that lead into the Bay of Osaka.

Kobe and Himeji (03:52)

Kobe is a port city on the Bay of Osaka and was one of the first to open to western maritime trade. West of Kobe is the Himeji Castle, which was built in the 14th century.

Hiroshima (04:57)

The port city is on the southern tip of Honshu. A peace memorial commemorates the city's destruction and the death toll from the atomic bomb dropped in 1945. The island of Miyajima is home to a famous Shinto temple.

Credits: Episode 2: The Mountain Island (Japan: Between Earth and Sky) (00:02)

Credits: Episode 2: The Mountain Island (Japan: Between Earth and Sky)

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Episode 2: The Mountain Island (Japan: Between Earth and Sky)

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The intimate life of a people who made history at the foot of Mount Fuji, the largest and the most populated of the archipelago. Hurt by earthquakes and wars, it is the domain of the capital Tokyo.

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