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Shiretoko Peninsula (06:20)


The peninsula on the island of Hokkaido is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site and a national park. It is home to the Ainu people. The island is the granary of Japan and has deep ties to the fishing industry.

Hokkadio Wetlands (03:28)

More than 2,000 species, including the Japanese crane, live in the wetlands. The area is known for dairy farming and agriculture. The Ainu people populated the island before colonialization by the Japanese.

Hokkaido Wildlife (02:18)

The eagles on Hokkaido are some of the largest in the world and they hunt the Hokkaido red foxes. The Japanese crane is a protected species.

Akan National Park (04:50)

Hokkaido's great crater lakes are in the southern region of the Shiretoko Peninsula. The park is more than 340 square miles. Mount Meakan is part of the Akan Volcanic Complex.

Daisetsuzan National Park (03:14)

Mount Tokachi is a volcano in the park. Daisetsuzan is Japan's oldest and largest national park.

Sapporo (02:51)

The capital of Hokkaido Island grew rapidly after the government-organized colonialization of Hokkaido. The city has two million residents.

Mount Usu and Lake Toya (03:21)

Mount Usu erupted in 2000, forcing the evacuation of nearby villages. Lake Toya has a mild climate and does not freeze. Mount Yotei is a celebrated mountain that resembles Mount Fuji.

Hokkadio Tourism (03:16)

There are numerous hot springs north of the city of Noboribestu. The local economy relies on the practice of visitors looking for thermal baths. Hakodate is also a popular tourist destination.

Tsuruoka Region (05:12)

The region is on Honshu, the island south of Hokkaido. The city of Morioka is a center for cast iron in Japan. Two rivers irrigate the area, making it ideal for rice farming.

Yamagata Region (04:47)

The region in the northeast of Honshu includes the Sanriku Coast. The 2011 earthquake and tsunami damaged the area. Sendai is the largest city in the region with one million inhabitants.

Japanese Alps (04:26)

The mountains house Japan's two largest cities, Tokyo and Yokohama. Mount Fuji is part of the mountain range that crosses Honshu Island.

Credits: Episode 1: The Snow Island (Japan: Between Earth and Sky) (00:01)

Credits: Episode 1: The Snow Island (Japan: Between Earth and Sky)

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Japan, Land of the Rising Sun, with its panoramas forged by volcanoes and tradition, is a mighty international economic power. In the far north of the country, Hokkaido, one of the four large islands making up the archipelago, the ancient and sacred land of the Ainu people, is a vast natural paradise. This journey over the four seasons of the year, between earth and sky, volcanoes and clear lakes, tells the unique story of people who live at one with nature.

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