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Agricultural Manufacturing (04:08)


Nearly 30 million tractors harvest 2.6 billion tons of grain every year. The Colossal 8R is John Deere's bestseller. The company sources parts from around the world. Workers assemble the heavy-duty chassis and install the powertrain.

8R Engine (05:46)

High performance engines push out up to 410 horsepower; technicians install a tractor engine. The U.S., China, and India are the top tractor purchasers. Foundry workers produce large amounts of iron for John Deere castings. Machines paint the completed powertrain and chassis.

8R Assembly (06:03)

Workers install the radiator and fuel tank; an expert cites a brief history of tractors. Technology is important in the competitive tractor market. Technicians assemble the cab and mount it to the chassis. In Bondurant, an expert tests a tractor's computer functions.

Final Assembly and Distribution (05:02)

Workers apply decals to the 8R, mount the wheels, and inspect the tires. Rubber plantations provide material to tire manufacturers that then distribute finished products. Technicians perform a final inspection before shipping the tractor to the customer. (Credits)

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Episode 8: Tractors (Made in a Day)

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As the world gears up to feed growing populations, world-renowned agricultural giant John Deere opens the door to its Iowa mega-factory to reveal how it makes the world’s most powerful tractors. Combining a giant iron foundry with high-tech manufacturing operations, the brand builds big machines designed to feed the world.

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