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Atlas V Rocket (05:20)


In 2011, Atlantis lands for the last time. United Launch Alliance's rocket is a potential launch vehicle for NASA crewed missions. ULA procures materials from 2,500 companies. Animated footage demonstrates how the rocket flies. The payload fairing is the first part in production.

Cork Material (03:36)

Corks Ribas supplies cork to 70 markets, including ULA rockets. Workers boil, ground, and pack the material into sheets. At ULA, the cork undergoes nondestructive inspection before workers bond, smooth, and paint the payload fairing.

Rocket Propulsion (06:00)

Russia launches the first satellite; Yuri Gagarin is the first person to orbit the Earth. An expert discusses the history of American space flight. Workers assemble the Atlas V's first stage booster rocket, including bump forming skin panels.

Final Assembly and Space Flight (06:08)

Rocket components can only be joined together at the launch site. A wide-bodied vessel ferries the parts to Cape Canaveral. On launch day, an Atlas V will carry the newly designed Starliner; experts hope the capsule will dock with the International Space Station. (Credits)

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This is the story of a rocket — from metal sheets to a 1.3 million-pound taxi service to the stars. With opportunities and benefits for all mankind, it’s open season in space, with rocket missions set toward a trillion-dollar economy in the next 20 years. U.S. heavyweight rocket builder ULA is at the cutting edge of final frontier exploration.

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