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Helicopter Manufacturing (04:57)


Helicopters are at the frontline of major emergencies. The Airbus H125 is the best-selling single-engine helicopter. The factory produces 30 per year, using components from around the world. Technicians mount the wiring at station one. Airbus sells over 300 helicopters to civilians every year.

Airbus H125 (04:13)

Technicians install an Arriel 2D engine. The helicopter's power-to-weight ratio allows it to lift 3,000 pounds. Pilots use three controls to fly the chopper; flying at altitude can be challenging. At station two, technicians will test the avionics and hydraulics.

Installation and Testing (06:16)

Technicians program and test the avionics and hydraulics of the H125. Igor Sikorsky pioneered the rotor configuration used in many helicopters today; the helicopter changes the course of aviation and military history. Technicians can customize helicopters to meet customer needs.

Final Assembly (05:26)

At station three, technicians check to see that the H125 is watertight with a rain test. Technicians at station four install the rotor blades. Pilots perform a flight test before customer delivery. (Credits)

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Episode 4: Helicopters (Made in a Day)

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Helicopters are the machines at the frontlines of every major emergency and there are 30,000 civilian helicopters in the world today. In this episode we see how Airbus makes the H-125 — the most popular single-engine chopper on the planet.

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