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Machu Picchu (02:21)


The Incas believed the mountains in the Sacred Valley of Peru were gods. Albert Lin reflects on Inca engineering; he seeks to discover the origins of the city.

Rayallaqta, Peru (06:34)

A Quechua woman warns Lin and archaeologist Thomas Hardy about exploring the site on the Machuyuq Pata hillside. The men discover a wall that may predate the Inca and a gravesite that predates Machu Picchu; they use a drone to locate areas of interest.

Machuyuq Pata (06:17)

LiDAR scans of the hillside reveal terraces and structures. Lin and Hardy bushwhack up the hill and locate pre-Inca and Inca chullpas.

Ollantaytambo, Peru (04:32)

Lin investigates the origins of the Inca's religious belief system; a document identifies the cult of the Viracocha. Lin and archaeologist Amelia Perez Trujillo follow a lava flow up the Quimsachata volcano. LiDAR scans reveals a pre-Inca sacred site.

Raqchi Temple (03:03)

Pre-Inca pilgrims stayed in homes at the base of the Quimsachata volcano. Lin and Trujillo examine the Inca Temple of Viracocha built atop a pre-Inca ceremonial site. The Inca incorporate aspects of earlier belief systems.

Pachar Ravine (06:12)

Lin, Hardy, and Adan Choqque Arce ascend a mountain to examine Inca buildings constructed atop a pre-Inca settlement at Wat'a. Acre discusses the Inca belief that the mountains were their ancestors.

Wat'a, Peru (05:59)

Lin and his team survey the mountain with drone-based LiDAR. Scans reveal Inca terracing and pre-Inca circular structures.

Wat'a Ground Truthing (07:10)

Lin, Hardy, and Arce locate circular structures and discover pre-Inca pottery and a cooking pit that suggests a pre-Inca home. They identify square Inca structures built in a plaza. Lin reflects on belief systems and architecture. (Credits)

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National Geographic Explorer Albert Lin travels to the mountains of Peru to discover the origins of its most famous site, Machu Picchu. Using LiDAR technology, he finds proof of the people who came before the Inca and treks into the mountains to find their homes and ceremonial sites. Lin reveals that the Inca city may have been inspired by another, even older civilization.

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