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Stonehenge and Blick Mead (06:28)


Albert Lin visits the ancient site in southern England. He travels to Blick Mead and searches for evidence that people visited the area 3,000 years before Stonehenge. Archaeologist David Jacques discusses ancient stone tools. LiDAR data reveals the river lies within a large floodplain.

Isle of Wight (05:26)

Lin and maritime archaeologist Gary Momber explore a dive site near the cliffs; the seabed was dry land 8,000 years ago. They take samples of a wooden structure and examine them on the boat.

Blick Mead (06:31)

Lin reflects on the importance of boats to hunter-gatherer societies and the relevance of the spring. GPR identifies an area for excavation. Archaeologists uncover a blanket of stones and hundreds of flint tools. David Jacques believes the surface was a focal point for worship.

Finnmark, Norway (05:38)

Lin and archaeologist Jan Magne Gjerde examine hunter-gatherer rock carvings. The images suggest that the panel is a map and provide information on ancient spirituality.

Blick Mead: Animals (06:21)

Jacques and Lin examine an auroch bone; the cows were integral to hunter-gatherer life. Lin observes heck cattle. Diedrik Pomstra discusses hunting techniques and makes a hazel arrow. Lin shoots the arrow into ballistic gel.

Blick Mead and Stonehenge Landscapes (03:37)

A core sample reveals the area was open land 8,000 years ago; aurochs lived in the area along with hunter-gatherers. Heather Sebire discusses the deliberate placement of auroch bones in the circular ditch that surrounds Stonehenge.

Ancient Societies (08:06)

Aurochs suggest a link between the builders of Stonehenge and Blick Mead hunter-gatherers; archaeologists discover auroch hoof prints. In Norway, Lin scans an area and discovers the foundation of a several pit houses; he creates an AR model at Blick Mead. (Credits)

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Episode 4: Stonehenge (Lost Cities with Albert Lin)

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For thousands of years before Stonehenge was built, its land was inhabited by a mysterious, ancient people. Albert Lin goes on an epic adventure across England and Scandinavia to discover their secrets while a team of archaeologists uncovers a unique stone structure that just might have been the reason Stonehenge was built.

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