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Spanish Main (04:48)


The Caribbean Sea, known for piracy, has numerous pirate shipwrecks. Archeologist Fritz Hanselmann looks for physical evidence of Captain Henry Morgan's raid on the Spanish Main. He works off a letter from Morgan describing five ships he abandoned after the battle.

Caribbean Shipwrecks (05:11)

After conducting numerous surveys, Hanselmann's team discovers a ship's hull preserved in mud. The team works to identify the objects found in chests to see if the ship belonged to Morgan.

Caribbean Canons (03:21)

Hanselmann's team finds eight canons on Lajas Reef. The canons have various countries of origin, hinting at a pirate ship. It is possible the cannons are from Morgan's ships.

Morgan's Ships (03:27)

Historical evidence points to Morgan's ships getting caught in a storm and crashing into Lajas Reef. The ships were shattered so no wooden evidence remains.

Quedagh Merchant (04:38)

Archeologist Charlie Beeker hunts for Captain William Kidd's last ship, It disappointed in 1699 off the coast of the Dominic Republic. Beeker has located a possible wreck and works to identify it.

Identifying Kidd's Ship (07:59)

Beeker turns to historical evidence to determine whether the shipwreck is the Quedagh Merchant. A wood fragment reveals the ship had a unique construction with Indian origins. Kidd captured the ship in the Indian Ocean while working for the British king.

Queen Anne's Revenge (05:51)

Kidd's death marked the end of the privateering era, creating a boom in piracy. Blackbeard was one of the most notorious pirates. Divers and archeologist believe they have found his flagship in Beaufort Inlet near North Carolina.

Queen Anne's Revenge Identification (03:00)

A stern post found at the wreck site reveals the ship was of French origin. Archeologists are positive the wreck is Blackbeard's because of the stern post and the number of weapons and cannonballs.

End of Piracy's Golden Age (08:36)

Archeologist Lisa Briggs believes Blackbeard sunk the Queen Anne's Revenge while escaping piracy charges, which eventually got him killed. Archeologist Michael Pateman investigates an unidentified wreck near Big Sand Key. He determines it is the HMS Endymion.

Credits: Episode 6: Pirate Ships Of The Caribbean (Drain the Oceans) (00:01)

Credits: Episode 6: Pirate Ships Of The Caribbean (Drain the Oceans)

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Episode 6: Pirate Ships Of The Caribbean (Drain the Oceans)

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Of all the seas in all the world, the Caribbean is the most famous for pirates. Uncovering long-lost shipwrecks reveals the true story of their exploits — from Henry Morgan’s daring raid on the Spanish Main to the final weeks of the legendary Blackbeard — and tells us how the Caribbean’s unique position at the crossroads of empire turned it into the ultimate pirate sea.

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