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Introduction: The Last Ice (03:44)


By 2040, most of the Arctic summer sea ice is expected to be gone. The newly opened water between Greenland and Canada will boost the global economy by billions of dollars; Pikialasorsuaq is at the center of the development. Archival footage shows indigenous people facing change.

The Hunter (08:40)

Aleqatsiaq Peary lives with the hunters and goes on an expedition. He reflects on growing up and his lifestyle. The hunters catch and prepare a seal.

Pikialasorsuaq (04:19)

The area borders Peary’s hunting grounds and is home to an abundance of marine wildlife. Experts discuss the environment and diminishing sea ice.

The Youth (05:23)

Young Inuk do not fare as well in the hearty environment. Maatalii Okalik reflects on the Inuit community; the youth are a byproduct of colonization. Approximately 50% of the population is under the age of 24.

Outsiders (06:36)

Ice connected the Inuit in Canada and Greenland for centuries, providing a shared culture. The arrival of white people altered their way of life. Okalik hopes the Inuit will reach the level of self-determination before outsiders arrived.

Colonization (03:35)

Starting in the 1920s, the Canadian and Danish governments forcibly relocated Inuit to centralized communities and took the children, making them attend residential schools. John Amagoalik recalls being treated as less than human.

Change (07:16)

Declining sea ice creates new opportunities for outsiders; shipping lanes, tourism, oil and gas deposits, and fishing redefines the map of the Arctic. Peary struggles with tremors. He reflects on declining hunting grounds.

Cost of Living (06:25)

Inuit are dependent on animals from the Pikialasorsuaq area; northern grocery prices are high. The Nunavut Country Food Store sells locally harvested food; the condition of the animals is changing. Peary reflects on his changing culture and suicides.

Exploitation (04:00)

In the past, companies did whatever they wanted in the Arctic. Today, many people have realized the Arctic is the last frontier that can be exploited. The land and sea are intricately connected.

Greenland (04:32)

A polar bear hunts for seal in the Arctic. In Nuuk, Peary sees the doctor about his tremors and reflects on taking action to affect change; he cannot continue to hunt if the tremors worsen.

Resistance (05:11)

In the 1960s and 1970s, Inuit leaders begin fighting for indigenous rights; Amagoalik addresses the public and government. The government establishes the territory of Nunavut in 1999. Amagoalik and others fear the international community has forgotten about the indigenous peoples.

Modern Inuit (02:03)

Many people live in overcrowded homes and are food insecure; suicide rates are one of the highest worldwide. Inuit culture is intricately connected to the land, sea, and ice.

Future (04:06)

Three commissioners travel across Canada and Greenland to study the future of the Pikialosorsuaq and gather Inuit knowledge; communities want to reconnect. Shipping, commercial fishing, tourism, and oil and gas exploration cause concern.

Control and Purpose (09:33)

A sled team falls through the ice and a dog dies. Peary learns he has Parkinson's disease and reflects on his future. Okalik discusses being in an abusive relationship and the importance of culture. Inuit Circumpolar Conference attendees discuss the future of Pikialasorsuaq.

Survival (04:34)

Peary's young nephew joins the hunters; Peary reflects on a changing culture. Okalik discusses her aunt giving birth on the ice and using the story as inspiration. As of 2019, Inuit in Canada and Greenland continue to work toward protecting the Pikialasorsuaq.

Credits: The Last Ice (01:05)

Credits: The Last Ice

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For centuries, Inuit in the Arctic have lived on and around the frozen ocean. Now, as climate change is rapidly melting the sea ice between Canada and Greenland, development here threatens to upset the delicate balance between their communities, land and wildlife.

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