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Introduction: Science Fair (02:57)


Jack Andraka wins the 2012 Gordon E. Moore Award. Over 7 million students worldwide compete in science fairs; 1,700 will qualify for the International Science and Engineering Fair. This documentary follows students on their quest.

Louisville, Kentucky (06:43)

Anjali and Ryan attend duPont Manual High School; science fairs are important to school culture. Anjali, a sophomore, is two years younger than most of her classmates. Anjali and seniors Ryan, Harsha, and Abraham discuss their fair submissions.

DuPont Manual Regional Science Fair (06:07)

DuPont Manual is one of 425 ISEF qualifying fairs and one of the most competitive. Anjali, Ryan, Harsha, and Abraham present their projects. Judges announce the four ISEF qualifying entries. The students reflect on the outcomes.

Brookings, South Dakota (05:18)

Kashfia is a senior at Brookings High School where athletics are a focus; Coach Schmidt is her official supervisor. Kashfia discusses her ISEF entry and feeling different. Her winning entry at the Eastern South Dakota Science and Engineering Fair qualifies her for ISEF; she placed third at ISEF as a freshman.

Lorch, Germany (04:00)

Ivo is a senior at Internatsschule Schloss Hansenberg. He builds a flying wing for submission to the German National Science Fair; Dr. Ostertag is his mentor. Approximately 12,000 students enter the competition every year; Ivo wins.

Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia (05:08)

Robbie is a senior in high school. His parents and Mrs. Myers discuss his school performance and interests; he earns an entry to ISEF in 2016. Robbie discusses machine creativity and his entry in the science fair; he again qualifies for ISEF.

Iracema, Brazil (06:10)

Myllena reflects on the Zika virus and finding a treatment. Gabriel and Myllena, both high school seniors, create a medicine that interrupts the viral process. They earn an entry to Brazil’s national science competition and win a trip to ISEF.

Jericho, New York (05:27)

Dr. McCalla believes one of her students will win the Nobel Prize; she is strict and expects excellence. McCalla dedicates long hours to the science fair. Doris, a senior, reflects on responsibility. Nine students qualify for ISEF at the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair.

One Week Before ISEF (05:56)

Myllena discusses differences between her and other presenters. Ivo reflects on experiencing a new culture. Kashfia is excited to be with like minds. Robbie hopes ISEF will help college acceptance. Dr. McCalla wants students to win. Ryan, Harsha, and Abraham recover from prom. Anjali avoids partying.

Los Angeles, California (03:48)

The students are excited to be in L.A. Over 1,700 students are competing at ISEF. The teens attend a student mixer.

International Science and Engineering Fair (06:09)

The 1,700 finalists compete in 22 categories; they will present to judges within 48 hours. Students reflect on aspects of the fair. Dr. McCalla helps students with their booths. The Scientific Review Committee flags Ryan, Harsha, and Abraham.

Past Science Winners (03:07)

Dr. Paul Teschan wins the first national Science Talent Search. Dr. Nina Schor is the first female to win Best in Fair. Dr. Martin Lo and his sister Cecilia are the first siblings to win the same year.

22 Hours Until Judging (05:05)

Finalists make last minute adjustments to their boards and examine other projects; Andraka recalls past board styles. Robbie discusses deadlines and colleges. Dr. McCalla helps John with his presentation. Myllena and Gabriel will present in English.

Presentation Day (05:17)

The students try to rest the night before judging; Anjali has a fever. The day of judging, Dr. McCalla gives her students gift bags. The finalists enter the convention hall and share their feelings.

ISEF Judging (05:10)

The finalists present their projects to the judges. Student supervisors and family members reflect on the day and greet the students after judging completes. The finalists reflect on the experience.

ISEF 2017 Awards (08:52)

Finalists share their feelings and adults reflect on talent, science, and values; ISEF is about more than awards. The presenter announces the winners in each category. Ivo earns the Gordon E. Moore Award.

After ISEF (03:30)

Dr. McCalla's students win seven grand awards; she starts a science summer camp. Ryan, Harsha, and Abraham start college. Anjali teaches coding. Robbie receives a paid internship in Silicon Valley. Ivo attends Aachen University. Myllena and Gabriel continue Zika research. Kashfia's school never recognizes her ISEF win.

Credits: Science Fair (01:30)

Credits: Science Fair

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Winner of the Sundance Festival Favorite award and an Emmy, this exuberant, engaging film tells the inspiring story of nine high school students from around the globe as they navigate rivalries, setbacks, and hormones on their quest to compete at the prestigious International Science and Engineering Fair. Facing off against 1700 of the world's best and brightest, only one of these brilliant teens can win.

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