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Dr. Jane Goodall (05:41)


Goodall reveals the book that inspired her to go to Africa in 1960; she observed the daily lives of chimpanzees. Goodall addresses a crowd and reflects on the spiritual aspect of her journey.

Scientist to Activist (04:44)

Goodall recalls discussing conservation at a 1986 scientific conference and taking on the issue of animal rights. Experts discuss chimpanzee populations and the Jane Goodall Institute. Goodall hopes to inspire people to take action.

Goodall's Mission (05:46)

Goodall travels at least 300 days a year; belief in her mission keeps her going. Goodall discusses developing Roots & Shoots; she visits Roots & Shoots, Zanzibar on its one-year anniversary. Women discuss the traditional role of women in Africa.

The Diplomat (09:36)

In the 1980s, with the help of Secretary of State James Baker, Goodall visits several countries to better understand what is happening to chimpanzees. She recalls conditions at the Brazzaville Zoo; Conoco builds a chimpanzee sanctuary.

The Messenger (07:50)

Goodall returns to Bournemouth, England between every tour; she knows her time to outreach is limited. Goodall has changed the attitude of science towards animals; chimps share 98.6% of human DNA. Human intellect gives Goodall hope.

The Activist (09:59)

Goodall returns to Gombe and reflects on her first visit; Gremlin is one of the few remaining chimpanzees from the early days. Goodall and others discuss primate research laboratories and changing perspectives. The NIH reduces chimpanzee use in biomedical research and retires chimps to sanctuaries.

"GAJ" (05:02)

Goodall's grandchildren reflect on her visits to Tanzania and the impact she has had on the world. Goodall, Merlin Van Lawick, and Angel Van Lawick explore Pugu Forest.

Generation Jane (07:13)

Goodall works well with government officials and views young people as the governments of the future. In 1991, she founds Roots & Shoots in Tanzania; the movement is now worldwide. Goodall brings young people from different cultures together. Prince Harry attends a Roots & Shoots meeting.

The Visionary (08:42)

Goodall's son discusses her passion for conservation. Goodall recalls the dwindling forests of Gombe in 1990 and the plight of the people. Conservation efforts must improve lives; "Tacare" is a holistic approach. Experts discuss habitat fragmentation, forest corridors, and community mapping.

The Saved (08:39)

The Tchimpounga Sanctuary houses 137 chimpanzees. Veterinarian Rebecca Atencia has improved the sanctuary. She and her team rescue two chimps that have been in captivity. Experts discuss managing chimpanzee stress and integrating new arrivals.

Pugu (07:01)

Merlin cherishes every visit with Goodall. He works at the Jane Goodall Institute, developing a nature education center to engage young people. Hendry Kanyama visits Pugu for the first time. Goodall reflects on the power of young people.

The Next Adventure (05:50)

Goodall reflects on her life's work and being overwhelmed by love. She believes there is more than just one physical life and views dying as her next adventure. Experts reflect on stewardship and Goodall's impact.

Credits: Jane Goodall: The Hope (00:38)

Credits: Jane Goodall: The Hope

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Jane Goodall: The Hope is a two-hour special following Goodall throughout her never-ending travels, capturing her relentless commitment and determination to spread a message of hope. The film offers an intimate perspective of Goodall’s pivotal transformation from scientist to inspirational activist and leader and how she is galvanizing a future generation to create lasting change.

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