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Simon Rodia (07:12)


Rodia built his "tower" in Watts and became an artistic inspiration for the community. The Watts Tower Arts Center began educating artists in the use of found objects and other art forms.

Inherited Inspiration (09:59)

Alison Saar is a wood carver who comes from a family of artists. Her mother, Betye Saar, brought her to the Watts Tower Arts Center; Rodia inspired Betye's work. Maddy Leeser carries her family's artistic inspiration into the third generation.

Combining Inspirations (06:38)

Diedrick Brackens is a weaver who finds inspiration in the colors and possibilities of yarn. He combines West African and European weaving traditions, while adding in a modern, queer perspective.

Brackens' Background (04:09)

Brackens grew up in Mexia, Texas and learned to sew from his grandmother. He uses the catfish as an image of the American south in his work. He also writes poetry to accompany his weavings.

Traditional Art (06:15)

Chuayi Yang is a Hmong artist living in Saint Paul, Minnesota who practices traditional paj ntaub needlework. The symbols, colors, and techniques are passed down through oral tradition. Mai Nhia Vang Huizel works to preserve the tradition at the Hmong Museum.

Hmong Culture (04:09)

There are about 85,000 Hmong living in Minnesota; they have created a distinct community. Tousue Vang captures the Hmong American experience in his artwork.

Art and Function (04:39)

Ayumi Horie is a potter who lives in Portland, Maine. Her ceramics are functional, and she embraces using the internet to broaden the audience for handmade pots.

Center for Craft Fellowship (03:12)

Horie collaborated with the Center for Craft to create a fellowship and archive for women and mothers in the craft world. She works to redefine success in art.

Mary Little (07:47)

Little lives in Los Angeles, California and makes canvas art. She captures peace and tranquility in her work.

Credits: "Episode 1: Inspiration (Craft in America, Season 14)" (00:29)

Credits: "Episode 1: Inspiration (Craft in America, Season 14)"

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Episode 1: Inspiration (Craft in America, Season 14)

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Visit the communities and distinguished artists of varied disciplines that are impacting new generations of makers through their work. See the impact that Simon Rodia and his iconic Watts Towers, Alison Saar and three generations of artists in her family, ceramic artist Ayumi Horie, textile artist Diederick Brackens and many others are having today, and how they will inspire the next generation.

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