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Introduction: Tutankhamun: Allies & Enemies - Episode 2 (02:39)


It has been 100 years since the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb. Mahmoud Rashad recaps episode one. This film will examine details about how and why Tut died so young and reveal facial reconstruction based on CT scans,

Carter House and Temple of Ramses II (06:10)

Rashad and Dr. Yasmin El Shazly visit Howard Carter's house and discuss his excavation of Tutankhamun's tomb. At a dig site dedicated to Osiris, El Shazly and Dr. Sameh Iskander examine reliefs and artifacts that indicate a religious restoration after Akenhaten's death; Abydos was a pilgrimage site.

Temple of Seti I (04:59)

Egyptians construct the temple 40 years after Tutankhamun; it is the culmination of his religious restoration. Iskander believes it was a movement by the priesthood. Religion is political in Ancient Egypt. Rashad and El Shazly examine a relief and discover missing names on the king list.

Tut's Death and Mummification (06:10)

Ay is Tutankhamun's relative and Horemheb is a military commander. Dr. Salima Ikram does not believe Tut was sickly or a tragic figure. She reflects on the CT scans and Tut's preparation for death and the afterlife.

National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (07:05)

Dr. Sahar Saleem and Rashad examine CT scans of Tutankhamun and discuss Tut's possible manner of death. Saleem, Christian Corbet, and Andrew Nelson work on reconstructing Tut's facial features.

Valley of the Kings (05:47)

El Shazly considers theories about Tutankhamun's tomb. Dr. Mostafa Waziri and El Shazly examine reliefs and discuss the Opening of the Mouth ritual. Waziri believes the tomb was made for Tut. Dr. Aidan Dodson believes it was meant for someone else and Ay's tomb was meant for Tutankhamun.

Valley of the Monkeys (07:24)

El Shazly, Rashad, and Dr. Tarek Tawfik examine Ay's tomb. Tawfik believes it was designed specifically for him. Tawfik considers the manner of Tut’s death. Rashad believes Ay took Tut's tomb for himself.

Tut's Hunting Lodge (06:11)

Dr. Zahi Hawass believes Tut enjoyed hunting and died from a combination of an accident and malaria. El Shazly and Rashad consider the manner of Tutankhamun's death and his enemies; Rashad believes Ay is the villain.

Tutankhamun's Facial Reconstruction (06:24)

Corbet shows Saleem and Nelson the forensic reconstruction of Tut's face. El Shazly and Rashad examine the bust of Tut and reflect on their journey of discovery. (Credits)

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Tutankhamun: Allies & Enemies - Episode 2

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El Shazly and Rashad continue their investigation into the boy king's life, looking closely at his advisors as he sought to reverse his infamous father’s religious and cultural revolution, and the factors surrounding his untimely death. Featuring commentary from leading Egyptologists Dr. Zahi Hawass, Fayza Haikal, Salima Ikram and more.

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