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Frozen Fish (09:39)


Paul West visits a fish farm near Port Lincoln to learn about the quality of frozen fish. The farm houses over 35,000 Yellowtail Kingfish, which is popular in sashimi. The fish are frozen using liquid nitrogen to lock in flavor, taste, and aroma.

Science of Heat (08:10)

Noby Leong visits a wasabi farm to learn about heat. Wasabi paste is made from rhizomes located in the stems of the hard to grow plant; allyl isothiocyanates concentrate in the rhizomes.

Bliss Point (08:42)

The food industry created the name to identify the perfect balance of fat and sugar in junk food. Clare Collins investigates the equation, usually a 2:1 ratio, at a gelato factory.

Sashimi Taste Test (06:39)

West conducts a taste test with a group of sashimi lovers to see how frozen fish compares to fresh fish. The frozen fish was cryogenically frozen and carefully defrosted. Most participants report preferring the frozen fish.

Australian Champagne (08:31)

Leong visits an Australian vineyard that mimics the climate conditions of the Champagne region of France. Researchers are trying to understand what happens during the fermentation process inside a bottle of sparkling wine.

Produce of the Future (03:57)

West visits a farm growing edible native plants. Farmers Mike and Gayle Quarmby work with indigenous communities to find a way to make native crops commercially viable in the future. Many of the plants are resistant to drought, frost, and increased heat.

Nutrition of the Future (07:39)

West visits a lab at Adelaide University to test the nutritional value of edible native plants. Many of the plants are rich in bioactive elements, which protect them but affect taste. Chef Mark Olive makes a lunch with a mix of indigenous and supermarket ingredients.

Credits: "Catalyst: How Your Food Works - Part 2" (00:24)

Credits: "Catalyst: How Your Food Works - Part 2"

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This program explores the science behind cryogenic freezing and how it is being used to ensure that frozen fish tastes almost as good as fresh. It also visits a gelato factory to learn how and why humans are hard-wired to desire junk food.

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