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Green Cities (06:05)


Physicist Dr. Niraj Lal explores how cities are combating their impact on the climate. To help with congestion and reduce emissions, Sydney is expanding its subway system. It is the largest public works project in Australian history.

Geopolymer Concrete (05:57)

Concrete production is responsible for 5% of the world's carbon emissions. Geopolymer concrete is a green alternative that creates 50% less pollution. It consists of waste products from other industries and eliminates limestone.

Engineered Timber (06:09)

A company in Australia makes all engineered timber office buildings. The pieces of timber are glued together to replicate the strength of steel and concrete.

Geopolymer Concrete Strength (06:06)

Lal visits a team finishing the building of an airport taxiway. Geopolymer concrete is stronger in flex and tension than traditional concrete.

Engineered Timber's Sustainability (04:25)

Lal visits a tree plantation in Queensland to better understand the sustainability of engineered timber. The plantation grows enough trees to make 160 six-story office buildings a year.

Engineered Timber Mill (02:51)

Lal follows the trees from the plantation to a timber mill— the first stop in the engineered timber process. Experts scan the logs for strength and quality and sort them before cutting.

Glulam Production (04:02)

The timber arrives at a special production facility that makes glulam. Experts cut and glue the pieces together with a specialized adhesive.

Glass Coating (09:06)

Lal helps wash windows and glass on a 56-story building. A research team uses biomimicry to develop a new type of glass coating that would repel water and be self-cleaning.

Subway Extension (09:56)

Engineers use large tunnel boring machines to expand Sydney's subway system. The large tunnels will be able to handle 40,000 commuters an hour.

Credits: "Building Greener Cities (Catalyst)" (00:15)

Credits: "Building Greener Cities (Catalyst)"

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Cities are one of mankind's greatest inventions, they bring us together and drive wealth; but as more people flock to live and work in cities, we need to find ways to make them greener, more sustainable, and more efficient places to live. In this program, physicist Dr. Niraj Lal explores some of the engineering solutions driving change. He visits the construction site of the largest public transport system ever undertaken nationally and discovers how engineers are finding ways to replace concrete — one of the biggest CO2 emitters in the world — with greener alternatives.

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