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Pandemic Effects in India (03:23)


The government refuses to acknowledge unemployed workers desperate to return home; the country is in its fifth week of lockdown. Barkha Dutt interviews groups of people who have been walking for days; 90% of Indians work in the informal economy.

Pandemic Lockdown (03:08)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces a lockdown, giving 1.3 billion people four hours to lock themselves indoors. Hundreds of thousands attempt to flee the cities; episodes of police brutality occur.

Mumbai, India (03:24)

India's richest city houses over 20 million people and one of the world's largest slums; Dharavi is a COVID-19 hotspot. Akrham Shah laments food scarcity. Many of the poor rely on charities. Vinod Shetty discusses slum conditions.

Delhi, India (05:05)

Sanjiv Shah and his family live in a slum in Delhi; over 280 million Indians live below the poverty line. Arundhati Roy reflects on the dispossessed. COVID-19 is a real concern; Ahok Malik discusses government response.

Economic Hardship and Healthcare (06:54)

Dutt speaks with a migrant worker's family after his suicide. A disproportionate number of poor people suffer during the pandemic. One of India's biggest hospitals has become a COVID-only facility, forcing many to seek other medical interventions elsewhere. Dutt discusses government data.

Indore, India (05:48)

Dutt visits a COVID-19 hotspot; the city was one of the first to go on lockdown. Officials blame the mass gathering of an Islamic sect for 30% of early coronavirus cases. Ashok Malik discusses the shutdown and India's economy. Migrant workers continue to journey home.

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: The World's Biggest Lockdown (00:48)

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: The World's Biggest Lockdown

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Foreign Correspondent: The World's Biggest Lockdown

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When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the world's biggest lockdown due to COVID-19, he gave the nation of 1.3 billion people only four hours' notice, unleashing one of the biggest mass migrations in his nation's history and leaving the poor in cities with no means of earning an income or feeding their families. Reporter Emma Alberici tells the story of how the poorest of Indians are coping with this nation wide shut down, probing if the consequences of the lockdown are worse than the disease.

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