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Introduction: Foreign Correspondent: City of Fear (02:24)


This segment orients viewers to Hong Kong's transformation from a place of pro-democracy movements to one of fear. COVID restrictions help crush demonstrations; Beijing targets resistors.

Hong Kong Uprising (04:44)

Bill Birtles reports from the streets and gets caught in a diplomatic crisis. He reflects on Hong Kong's current state and works with a crew to document events. Joshua Wong and other student activists appear in court; Wong receives a 13-month prison sentence.

Mass Movement (05:21)

Chinese authorities arrest thousands of protestors; declaring Hong Kong independence can result in jail. Max Mok's involvement in the movement evolves. He eventually establishes a student political group that launches verbal assaults on authorities; the media labels him a traitor.

Hong Kong Legislative Council (05:05)

Claudia Mo and 15 other pro-democracy politicians resign en masse after Bejing disqualifies four of their colleagues. Beijing security forces firmly control Hong Kong. Antony Dapiran chronicles the politics of the region.

Hong Kong's Future (05:56)

Mok believes the political battle has moved away from Hong Kong. Nixie Lam envisions a bright future under communist control, especially with the National Security Law. At a mall, a man shouts for Hong Kong independence; riot police arrive. Mainland security agents help police investigate political crimes.

Generational Divide (05:56)

Some of Mok's family members disagree with his political views; he fears they might contact the police. Mok worries about getting out of Hong Kong before it is too late. Police officers conduct raids, arresting pro-democracy movement members. Mok flees to Australia.

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: City of Fear (00:19)

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: City of Fear

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Foreign Correspondent: City of Fear

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Once a city of protest, Hong Kong has become a city of fear. Reporter Bill Birtles brings us the final chapter of the Hong Kong rebellion, as Beijing exerts an iron grip on the once liberal outpost, snuffing out the last breaths of democracy. He speaks to pro-democracy activists who are advocating for freedom and pro-communist locals who welcome a return to law and order.

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