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Introduction: Foreign Correspondent: Women of the Revolution (02:22)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of a female uprising in the former Soviet Republic of Belarus; Nina Baginskaya and Maria Pugachova march the streets. Alexander Lukashenko refuses to relinquish power to a woman, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

Political Power (03:39)

Lukashenko has a history of jailing genuine challengers. Tikhanovskaya becomes the opposition’s main candidate. Lukashenko believes women belong in the kitchen and refuses to relinquish power. Tikhanovskaya challenges the election results and police threaten jail; protestors march in the streets.

Women in the Revolution (06:45)

Tikhanovskaya flees to Vilnius. Lukashenko institutes a brutal crackdown on protests and women take to the streets. Baginskaya's confrontations with police are popular images; she has been an activist for decades. Eric Campbell discusses Belarusian independence and Luashenko’s bid for power.

Protests in Belarus (05:49)

Women's marches have become a part of Pugachova's life; Lukashenko labels the women as prostitutes and alcoholics. Police lockdown neighborhoods, raid apartments, and make arrests; COVID is also a threat. Pugachova and her friends monitor social media and wait to return to the streets.

Belarus Leadership (05:49)

Tikhanovskaya tries to build international support; she wants to organize new elections in which she will not participate. Lukashenko attends a New Year's Eve ball; he mocks Tikhanovskaya. A violent protest leaves Pugachova dejected; she regains optimism after meeting Baginskaya.

Female Perspectives (04:52)

Some people of Baginskaya's generation continue to support Lukashenko; Alya Valuyevich sees him as a guarantor of stability. Pugachova prepares for court and a potential jail sentence; she receives a fine. Pugachova continues to protest.

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: Women of the Revolution (00:22)

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: Women of the Revolution

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In the lead up to the 2020 election, Europe's last dictator Alexander Lukashenko locked up the men who stood against him. So women stepped into their place. Eric Campbell tells the story of a women's uprising in Belarus.

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