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Introduction: Foreign Correspondent: Into the Outbreak (01:35)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain. The country has experienced three waves of the virus, but hope remains.

October 2020 (03:27)

Journalist Lily Mayers covers COVID in Australia. She moves to Spain during the peak of the second wave; the death toll reaches 35,000. Mayers talks with young people about the spread of the virus.

Healthcare Workers (03:19)

Dr. Susana Pardo recalls what it was like at the hospital during the first wave of COVID; depression and anxiety are common among staff. She joins a union strike group, fighting for better conditions.

Barcelona, Spain (07:49)

Mayers moves into her apartment, feeling privileged. She discusses tourism and visits Barcelona. Many shops in the city center are empty. Dwindling business forces Helena Garriga to close her restaurant. Mayers joins the Garriga family for dinner and they discuss the school community.

Entertainment Industry (03:06)

Mayers attends a flamenco performance; many venues have closed. Karime Amaya discusses the physical and financial effects of not dancing and channeling her feelings in dance.

December 2020 (03:57)

Holiday shoppers navigate the streets. Heavy snowfall arrives in the New Year and people forget about social distancing; COVID cases and the death toll increase. A vaccination drive attracts frontline workers.

February 2021 (03:20)

Mayers visits Garriga who now sells specialty food products; Garriga has faith in the Spanish people. AAA provides food for artists in need; Amaya worries flamenco will not survive.

Madrid, Spain (02:17)

COVID case numbers are dropping. Pardo has little faith the government will improve conditions for junior doctors. Food markets are open, artists perform in the streets, and people socialize.

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: Into the Outbreak (00:31)

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: Into the Outbreak

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Australian reporter Lily Mayers moved to Spain, the country of her ancestors, in the midst of the COVID pandemic as the country endured its worst upheaval since the civil war. Filmed over a period of six months, Into the Outbreak paints an intimate portrait of a people struggling to survive through a once-in-a-lifetime crisis.

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