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Introduction: Foreign Correspondent: Out of Africa (01:30)


This segment orients viewers to debate over who owns African cultural objects, many taken during colonial times, housed in French museums.

Liberating African Objects (06:19)

Allan Clarke and Mwazulu Diyabanza visit a local market. Diyabanza and other activists fight for the return of their cultural heritage; only two objects have been returned since President Macron's 2017 declaration. Diyabanza removes artifacts from several museums, livestreaming the events.

African Identity (06:06)

Roméo Mivekannin's family is West African royalty; the French army forced them into exile in 1892 and pillaged the palace. Clarke examines Mivekannin's art. The Quai Branly Museum houses a large ethnographic collection, including objects looted from Mivekannin's ancestors.

African Art Controversy (04:26)

Diyabanza appears in court. Despite a conviction, he plans to target museums outside France. In Germany, Joshua Kwesi reveals lingering traces of the country's colonial past. He wants African artifacts treated in the same manner as Nazi stolen art.

Looted Colonial Art (05:31)

In Hamburg, Clarke examines Benin sculptures and carvings. The Humboldt Forum's collection of non-European art and artifacts is one of the richest in the world. Controversy surrounds the museum’s colonial collection, including Benin Bronzes.

Colonization and Artifacts (06:12)

Clarke cites Portugal's role in African colonization. Diyabanza livestreams his actions. Despite visiting several museums, he does not find what he is looking for. France passes a law to return 27 objects to Africa, including objects looted from Mivekannin's ancestors.

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: Out of Africa (00:20)

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: Out of Africa

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Europe’s museums are stashed full of Africa’s cultural heritage, much taken in colonial times. Some was looted, some traded. The museums say they’re the rightful owners but others say the objects belong in Africa. This program exmaines the points of view of activists and museum directors.

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