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Cpl. Brandon Fleming (04:20)


The Virginia South Hill Police Department officer has a moniker of Officer Batman. He explains how he connects with the community, especially children. Flemming's kindness gave the community a different view of the police.

In the Community (05:23)

Fleming walks through the neighborhoods he patrols, instead of remaining in his cruiser. He has tried to become a member of the community.

Police and Juvenile Interactions (05:43)

A child's interaction with a police officer can change how they view law enforcement for the rest of their lives. Officers should consider how their presence makes children feel. Flemming often shares his experience of getting arrested as a juvenile.

Community Policing Tips (05:21)

Fleming tells officers to get out of their cruisers to connect with the community. He gives advice for connecting with children who are victims of abuse.

Viral Good Deed (06:43)

Fleming discusses a photo of him playing with a group of children that went viral. It started with helping two little girls get a doll out of a package during a fire call.

Questions (03:49)

This segment provides questions about community policing and encourages officers to share their experience and opinions.

Credits: "Pre De-Escalation/Meet the Pied Piper of Community Policing" (00:58)

Credits: "Pre De-Escalation/Meet the Pied Piper of Community Policing"

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Pre De-Escalation/Meet the Pied Piper of Community Policing

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In this program, you will meet Cpl. Brandon Fleming of the South Hill (VA) Police Department. Fleming, also known as ‘Batman’ to the children in his community, has become extremely popular over the past few years. He has carved out a special relationship with the youngsters and has helped them to understand that law enforcement officers are there to help them, not to cause them harm. Viewers learn how he has developed such a strong bond with the local youth.

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