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Retired Sgt. Byron Watson (05:08)


Retired Sgt. Byron Watson, of the St. Louis County Police Department, was a field-training officer, a DARE instructor, and oversaw the school resource officers. He credits his personality and communication skills for making him a good cop.

Mistakes When Dealing with Black Subjects (06:01)

Watson says officers tend to assume guilt and express fear when dealing with black subjects. Officers should treat subjects how they would like to be treated. Officers should avoid personal attacks and remain professional.

Disarm the Situation (04:46)

Watson only had two use of force complaints during his 30 years in St. Louis. He always tried to disarm the situation and reassure subjects that he would treat them fairly.

Group Dynamics (05:08)

Watson avoided calling out a subject in front of a group of friends or possible gang members. Separating parties can lead to better cooperation. When possible, officers should ask permission to enter a home.

Communication Styles (04:41)

Watson suggests avoiding sarcasm or trying to be funny with subjects; always stay professional.

Questions (03:48)

This segment provides questions about the information discussed in this video and encourages officers to share their thoughts and opinions.

Credits: "De-escalation with African American Subjects" (00:48)

Credits: "De-escalation with African American Subjects"

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De-escalation with African American Subjects

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In this program, we talk with Byron “Sarge” Watson. He had a long and successful career with St. Louis County P.D. (35 years) as a Field Training Officer, D.A.R.E Officer, and Chaplain. Watson provides insight in dealing with subjects in African-American communities. Learn from his first-hand experiences and the knowledge he gained working the streets, including de-escalation tactics that served him well.

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