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Police Wisdom (01:40)


San Francisco Police Department Sgt. Adam Plantinga is the author of "400 Things Cops Know." He collected knowledge and tips from officers to share with others.

Pay Attention to Armed Robbers' Verbiage and Words (00:53)

Armed robbers tend to use the same verbiage at every crime. It can make it easier to connect a suspect to multiple robberies.

Meth Users' Backpacks Often Have Common Items (01:18)

Officers can identify meth users based on what is in their backpacks. Cataloging all the evidence can be difficult and time consuming.

Profiling is Common Sense (03:12)

Plantinga explains how he uses profiling. Criminal profiling is not the same as racial profiling.

Keep Domestic Violence Combatants Out Of The Kitchen (00:57)

Plantinga suggests keeping confrontations with the public out of confined spaces. There are many items in a kitchen that one can use as weapons.

Helping Victims of Domestic Violence (01:40)

Plantinga provides tips for dealing with victims of domestic violence. Officers should be aware of factors complicating the situation.

Perform A Thorough Walk-through at All Death Scenes (02:10)

Do a thorough walk-through at a death scene. Even if a death is not suspicious, officers may have missed something.

Maintain Your Composure and Professionalism (02:16)

Plantinga talks about his experience dealing with crimes against children. He gives advice to avoid using excessive force.

Child Killers Affect an Entire City (01:47)

Plantinga shares his experience handling child murders. People are more likely to cooperate with police in those cases.

"Some Cops Are Well Beyond Salvaging" (02:12)

Plantinga explains his claim that "some cops are well beyond salvaging." He believes that training can correct many behaviors, but not all.

Post Ferguson (02:04)

Plantinga shares his thoughts on what happened in Ferguson. He believes officers should control the narrative when there is an officer-involved shooting.

Office Politics (01:55)

Plantinga discusses handling office politics as a police officer. He believes hard working cops should be proud of their work.

"Police Craft" (02:53)

Plantinga talks about his new book "Police Craft." It offers short essays about all aspects of police work.

Questions (03:42)

This segment provides questions about Plantinga's advice and encourages officers to share their thoughts and opinions.

Credits: "Lessons Learned/Sgt. Adam Plantinga Program: Part 2" (01:27)

Credits: "Lessons Learned/Sgt. Adam Plantinga Program: Part 2"

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Lessons Learned/Sgt. Adam Plantinga Program: Part 2

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In this training program, we continue our talk with Sgt. Adam Plantinga of the San Francisco Police Department. He discusses helping victims of domestic violence, performing a thorough walk-through at death scenes, how child killers affect an entire city, and many other potentially life-saving tips and tactics.

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