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Sgt. Adam Plantinga (02:29)


San Francisco Police Department Sgt. Plantinga is a 17-year veteran. He shares his knowledge of dealing with street crime and sensing whether someone has an outstanding warrant.

Mission District (04:31)

Plantinga patrols the large, multi-cultural area in San Francisco. He explains the pace of police work in busy districts like his.

Street Gangs (02:48)

Norteños, Sureños, and MS-13 are the main street gangs in the Mission District. Plantinga shares his experience dealing with gangs.

Dealing with the Public (02:10)

There is a variety of socio-economic statuses in the Mission District, which often makes new cops hesitant. Plantinga explains how he encourages cops to "jump right in" when dealing with the public.

Tips For Good Cops (04:24)

Good cops in San Francisco are curious, observant, and ask questions. Plantinga explains the necessary skills and stamina.

Witness Statements and Power Lines (02:11)

Plantinga explains how to deal with witness statements that seem too detailed. He provides tips for dealing with downed power lines at a car accident.

Improbable Circumstances (02:39)

Plantinga explains how officers should deal with seemingly improbable circumstances. He answers questions about his book "400 Things Cops Know."

Questions (05:29)

This segment provides questions about the information presented in this video. It encourages officers to share their experiences and opinions.

Credits: "Lessons Learned/Sgt. Adam Plantinga Program: Part 1" (00:47)

Credits: "Lessons Learned/Sgt. Adam Plantinga Program: Part 1"

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Lessons Learned/Sgt. Adam Plantinga Program: Part 1

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In this training program, we talk with Sgt. Adam Plantinga of the San Francisco Police Department. He is a 17-year veteran of law enforcement and has authored two books dealing with police and policing. He shares his knowledge on many aspects of law enforcement including dealing with street gangs, working in a multi-cultural district, understanding that people are going to lie to you, and many other potentially life-saving tips and tactics.

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