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2020: Sao Paulo, Brazil (07:15)


Patricia Campos Mello, a "Folha de S.Paulo" reporter, covers a march supporting Jair Bolsonaro. A speaker declares mainstream media must be destroyed and reporters exterminated. Bolsonaro claims "Folha de S.Paulo" prints lies; Patricia endures harassment after reporting Bolsonaro attempted to illegally influence the election.

2020: Miami, Florida (05:27)

Carl Juste, a "Miami Herald" photographer, covers a Black Lives Matter protest; police units arrive and deploy tear gas. Juste locates a time stamp for a picture to dispute claims made by police. Journalists are moderators of fact and falsehoods.

2020: Mexico City (04:30)

Sashenka Gutierrez, an "EFE News Agency" photographer, covers a protest against brutality towards women; approximately 3,600 women are murdered every year. Protestors destroy property. Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries for journalists.

2020: Committee to Protect Journalists (02:46)

Committee members report on violence and terror tactics against journalists in Mexico, India, Belarus, Kenya, Somalia, and Asia. The committee monitors and combats press freedom abuses in 120 countries.

2020: Youngstown, Ohio (05:34)

Oliver Laughland, a reporter for "The Guardian," visits the former site of the "Youngstown Vindicator." Since 2004, 25% of American newspapers have closed. At an event intended to highlight Youngstown's progress, Rep. Bill Johnson refuses to answer Laughland's questions.

2020 Pandemic Coverage: Miami and Mexico City (05:40)

In Miami, Juste photographs demonstrators and citizens seeking COVID tests. In Mexico City, Gutierrez photographs prevention attempts, hospitals, funerals, and a woman with COVID symptoms. “Milenio” reports problems with hospital beds and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador claims it is fake news.

2020 Pandemic Coverage: Sao Paulo (03:45)

Bolsonaro claims, "the whole coronavirus thing is a fantasy, and the media is out of control." Campos Mello interviews residents and hospital officials about COVID; a hospital staff member refutes claims of low mortality rates.

2020: Tulsa, Oklahoma (03:17)

At a rally, a man refuses to answer Laughland's questions unless he removes his mask. Others share their thoughts on the severity of COVID-19. Laughland discusses reporting on situations where perceptions are different.

2020: Journalism Dangers (04:28)

Campos Mello's father, a journalist, was captured during the Gulf War. She reflects on facing attacks. Journalists covering Black Lives Matter protest experience tear gas, pepper spray, and arrests. Juste reflects on intimidation.

2020: Committee to Protect Journalists and Mexico City (05:54)

Daily protests are ongoing in the U.S.; over 500 assaults on journalists have been documented and nearly 140 have been detained. In Mexico, Gutierrez photographs female protestors and the National Human Rights Building they have seized; she interviews some of the women.

2020: Sao Paulo: Seeking Justice (04:26)

Campos Mello works with lawyers to file a lawsuit against Bolsonaro. A right-wing website sues Campos Mello. A large group of bikers rides in support of Bolsonaro.

2020: Presidential Election Journalism (12:32)

A hedge fund purchases the "Miami Herald" after it files for bankruptcy; it will operate without a newsroom. Juste reflects on his career and his father. At a Donald Trump rally, the crowd boos the press. Juste and Laughland document rallies; Laughland interviews attendees

2020: Mexico City Demonstration (06:43)

Activists march in the streets to protest violence against women. The women confront riot police who deploy a spray. The police detain two journalists, including Gutierrez; she describes how she was treated. Campos Mellon reflects on her situation in Sao Paulo.

2021: Committee to Protect Journalists (03:02)

Members discuss preparing for a MAGA rally in DC. Protestors denounce journalists and destroy equipment. Laughland reviews footage and reflects on events at the capitol.

2021: Inauguration Day (03:44)

Juste takes several photographs around the capitol. He reflects on the aftermath of Trump's presidency and his career.

2021: Journalists (05:29)

Gutierrez looks through images and reflects on living through historical moments. Campos Mello wins her lawsuit against Bolsonaro; she reflects on journalism. Juste celebrates his son's birthday. The journalists continue their work.

Credits: Endangered (01:49)

Credits: Endangered

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An official selection of the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival, Endangered chronicles a year in the life of four journalists living and working in democratic countries where freedom of the press has historically been considered a “given.” Yet, as online misinformation proliferates and world leaders brazenly denigrate the press, distrust of traditional media is on the rise, and journalists are increasingly facing situations more typically encountered in war zones or autocratic states.

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