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Southern Great Plains (02:26)


Several national grasslands are located where southeastern Colorado and the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas meet. Jeff Aiello starts in Stratford, Texas.

Rita Blanca National Grasslands (03:04)

This protected area contains private farmland and national forest service land. Severe drought hit this area in the 1930s. Farmers deep plowed the land, damaging native grasses. Strong winds spread unanchored topsoil and created dust storms.

Grasslands Wildlife (03:06)

Aiello and David Boomer head further into Rita Blanca National Grasslands. They use a drone to get a better look at pronghorn, one of the fastest land animals in North America.

Homestead Ruins (02:49)

Aiello and Boomer explore an abandoned house. They wonder what the homeowners experienced before leaving their property.

Japanese Internment Camps (05:31)

Amache, Colorado is the location of the former Granada War Relocation Center. During World War II, the U.S. government imprisoned 120,000 Japanese people including American citizens.

Comanche National Grasslands (04:22)

Aiello and Boomer visit Picket Wire Canyon where one of the largest dinosaur trackways in the world is located. They take photographs from the edge of the mesa.

Credits: Episode 8: Grasslands (Outside: Beyond the Lens, Season 1) (01:41)

Credits: Episode 8: Grasslands (Outside: Beyond the Lens, Season 1)

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Episode 8: Grasslands (Outside: Beyond the Lens, Season 1)

Part of the Series : Outside: Beyond the Lens (Season 1)
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In southeastern Colorado, scattered among the small towns and wind-swept plains two National Grasslands areas remain. Open to visitors but rarely seen, these wide open spaces protect a part of America’s heartland frozen in time. Jeff, David and Jon take their cameras into these remote grasslands and discover much more than they envisioned as the remains of a WW2 Japanese internment camp give up the ghostly secrets of a dark chapter in American history.

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