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Introduction: Episode 3: Corals in Crisis (02:38)


Coral reefs cover 1% of the ocean floor and house 25% of marine species. They protect shorelines from storms and are an economic driver of many economies. This film examines the Florida Reef Tract.

Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (04:42)

In 2013, researchers discover a white disease on some of the corals in southeast Florida; it spreads rapidly. Corals exhibit illness with bleaching or tissue loss. SCTLD affects more species than any other coral disease. Experts monitor and treat infected corals.

Florida Keys (05:54)

Dr. Karen Neely and her team monitor infected corals and investigate intervention strategies; antibiotic delivery is their current focus. Neely and Dr. Cindy Lewis rescue threatened pillar corals and other corals at risk of SCTLD.

SCTLD Origins (06:45)

Researchers microscopically analyze coral tissue samples; SCTLD appears to occur in the gastrodermis of several species. Experts at Mote Marine Lab investigate how transmission occurs. Evidence suggests the disease microbe is a bacteria.

Coral Reef Restoration (05:42)

Ken Nedimyer and his team grow corals in offshore nurseries to preserve, maintain, and outplant genetic diversity; they seek to mimic the reef diversity of 40 years ago. SCTLD has been devastating. Experts discuss awareness and conservation efforts.

Credits: Episode 3: Corals in Crisis (Changing Seas, Season 11) (01:05)

Credits: Episode 3: Corals in Crisis (Changing Seas, Season 11)

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Episode 3: Corals in Crisis (Changing Seas, Season 11)

Part of the Series : Changing Seas (Season 11)
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Florida's fragile coral reefs are in crisis. Once vibrant cities of the sea, these biodiverse ecosystems have declined over the past few decades. Fishing pressures, pollution, development, and climate change have all left their mark. Now, a new ailment known as “Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease” may be the last nail in the coffin. This disease is infecting over half of the reef-building corals at an unprecedented scale, killing most of the corals that get sick. But all hope is not lost. Experts of varying backgrounds are working diligently to figure out what is causing the disease, while simultaneously developing techniques to treat outbreaks and restore the sunshine state’s coral reefs to their former glory.

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