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George Rodriguez (04:09)


Rodriguez is a sculpture and artist who lives in Seattle. He embeds a story in his ceramic works, which is mostly determined by the viewer.

Rodriguez's Culture Heritage (09:45)

Rodriguez grew up with family in El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico. His pieces "Uncle Sam" and "Tia Cartina" represent his Mexican American heritage. He moved to Seattle to work with artists he admired.

Art to Wear Movement (05:13)

Julie Schafler Dale is the founder and owner of Julie's Artisans' Gallery in Philadelphia. Art to Wear uses the body as a canvass and combines art and fashion. Five students at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn started the movement.

Art to Wear Artists (09:06)

Creators in the movement tell a story with their pieces. Dale opened her gallery in 1973 to give artists an outlet for the new art form. Linda Mendelson includes messages and words in her work.

Nicholas Galanin (05:34)

Galanin is a Tlingit artist living in Alaska. He shows his culture in the modern sense through his work. He is from a family of Tlingit artists who are wood carvers.

Galanin's Culture Expression (09:01)

Galanin attended art school in London, but his work was called "too literal." He continued to exhibit his cultural perspective and identity through art while attending a master's program in New Zealand. He advocates for museums to return his people's artwork.

Christina Bothwell (05:54)

Bothwell is an artist who lives in Stillwater, Pennsylvania. She uses storytelling and emotional expression in her glasswork. She began in ceramics before incorporating glass.

Bothwell's Work (05:19)

Bothwell combines glass and clay and then paints her sculptures to add more narrative. She often includes nature in her pieces. Her studio burned down in 2018, but she received a grant from Craft+ to rebuild.

Credits: "Episode 1: Storytellers (Craft in America, Season 12)" (00:30)

Credits: "Episode 1: Storytellers (Craft in America, Season 12)"

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Episode 1: Storytellers (Craft in America, Season 12)

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Storytellers highlights artists who use narrative to communicate personal and universal truths, creating a uniquely powerful expression of our human experience. Meet one of our nation’s most important multidisciplinary artists Nicholas Galanin in Alaska, then explore the Art to Wear movement with gallerist and craft historian Julie Schafler Dale at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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