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Bizet’s "Carmen" (06:05)


Soprano Catarina Molder introduces the second most performed opera of all time, composed by Georges Bizet. See Act I No. 3 "Chorus of Cigarette Girls" and No. 4, "Habanera" featuring Carmen performed by Gaelle Arquez.

Opera Investigation by Rui Vieira Nery (05:41)

When "Carmen" premiered in 1875 in Paris, composer Bizet was relatively unknown. See Act I, No. 8 "Song and Melodrama" featuring Carmen, Zuniga performed by Sebastian Soules, and Don Jose played by Daniel Johansson. See "Act I No. 9 "Seguidilla.

Opera Confessions (11:38)

Mezzo-Soprano Gaelle Arquez explains how she got her start in opera and discusses the challenges she faces performing for a modern audience. See Act II, No. 11 "Gypsy Song" featuring Carmen. Mercedes performed by Jana Baumeister, and Frasquita played by Marion Lebegue.

Super Aria (05:03)

See a modern version of "Habanera" with Carmen performed by Molder. See Act IV, No. 26 "Final Duet" featuring Carmen and Don Jose

Consulting Room (06:08)

Molder explains the prerequisites to becoming an opera singer and the training necessary for success. See Act II, No. 4 "Quintet" featuring Carmen.

Twitter Opera - Opera from Today (09:17)

See "Smoking Kills" a modern opera with music by Nuno Corte-Real and libretto performed by Molder. See "Act II, No. 13 "Toreador's Song" featuring Escamillo performed by Scott Hendricks.

Opera Mix (07:37)

Musician Iguana Garcia discusses creating a modern version of "Toreador's Song"

Credits: Bizet’s Carmen (Super Diva - Opera for Everyone) (00:56)

Credits: Bizet’s Carmen (Super Diva - Opera for Everyone)

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In this program, soprano Catarina Molder brings out the plot, characters, and context of Bizet's Carmen, along with scenes from some of the great productions of the opera and interviews with opera artists who have performed in it.

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