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Al Sharpton (02:13)


For Sharpton, George Floyd's funeral marked two significant events. Sharpton grew-up in Brooklyn, New York, held a variety of jobs, and founded the National Youth Movement. Sharpton, a motivational preacher, used several rhetorical devices during his eulogy of Floyd.

"Eulogy of George Floyd": Accountability and Recognition (10:33)

Floyd's death was a tragedy and a crime; we must commit to the family until the perpetrators pay. Sharpton recalls a light moment with the family. He recognizes several people including Reverends Remus and Mia Wright, A.G. Ben Crump, notable families in attendance, and celebrity supporters.

"Eulogy of George Floyd": Police Officers (06:40)

Sharpton reads from the Book of Ephesians and draws parallels. He cites the length of time Floyd had a knee on his neck and questions officer mentality, screening, and accountability.

"Eulogy of George Floyd": Equal Justice (10:10)

Sharpton criticizes social responses, including the NFL’s handling of Kollin Cappernick. We need the proposals experts have set forth, but we can prosecute those involved in Floyd's death now.

"Eulogy of George Floyd": Breath (06:19)

Sharpton paraphrases from the Bible; breath is sacred. He reflects on the president's response to protests, passersby, and reclaiming the righteous.

"Eulogy of George Floyd": God's Care (07:49)

The Floyd family and others will lead a march on the anniversary of "I Have a Dream." Sharpton preaches in song and reflects on how the story will end. He urges continuing support and gives final words to Floyd.

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In the wake of National outrage over Police Violence, reknown Civil Rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton delivers an empassioned Eulogy of George Floyd who was killed by Minneapolis Police.

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