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Joe Biden (02:04)


Biden becomes the Democrat presidential nomination and prepares a response to George Floyd's death. His speech begins his campaign for presidency against Donald Trump.

"I Can't Breathe Response": Union (04:10)

Biden begins his address to the nation with George Floyd's words. He declares it is time to listen to those words as the country cries out for unity and leadership. He discusses violence, cites duty of care, and denounces Trump's leadership.

"I Can't Breathe Response": Constitution and Policing (05:38)

Biden discusses the First Amendment and upholding values. Our nation must deal with systemic racism and economic inequity; "we are in a battle for the soul of this nation." Biden calls on Congress to take action, starting with police reform.

"I Can't Breathe Response": Economics and Healthcare (03:30)

Congress should rectify racial inequities that allow the diversion of COVID-19 recovery funds. The quickest route to universal health coverage is the expansion of Obamacare. Biden discusses suffering, anger, and grief, and turning them into purpose.

"I Can't Breathe Response": Justice (02:58)

Biden discusses Dr. Martin Luther King's response to his daughter's concern about freedom. All men and women must receive equal treatment. The president must be part of the solution; Trump is part of the problem.

"I Can't Breathe Response": Soul of a Nation (02:51)

The American story is about action and reaction; it contains a constant push and pull of ideals versus racism. Biden denounces Trump's character and asks people to consider what we want to be as a nation. Biden will seek to heal racial wounds.

"I Can't Breathe Response": Future (03:18)

The United States is the only nation in the world that emerges from a crisis better than it was before. We face the enemies of the coronavirus, selfishness, and fear. We must remember who we should be.

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Then Presidential Candidate Joe Biden delivers an address to the Nation regarding the Police Killing of George Floyd

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