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New! Should We Eat More Processed Foods: A Debate

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From grinding grain to make flour and bread to turning milk into cheese, humans have been processing food—transforming agricultural products into more edible, tasty, and nutritious forms—for millennia. In recent years, however, scientists have developed new technologies to create foods that can't be made in home kitchens, such as plant-based meats and dairy products made with plant proteins. Are these new forms of highly processed foods nutritious to eat and good for society? Supporters argue that a substantial increase in food processing is the best way to feed growing human populations while also reducing food waste. This new technology, they contend, can make our global food supply healthier and more sustainable. Opponents caution that the impact of many of these processed foods is unknown and untested. These new kinds of foods are often less nutritious, they argue, and are commonly linked to adverse health outcomes. As food technology advances, should we eat more processed foods?

Length: 53 minutes

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