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Smallpox Eradication Campaign (04:33)


Dr. Larry Brilliant recalls going to Nepal and joining the World Health Organization. Around 250,000 people, mostly children, in India contract smallpox. Brilliant discusses searching for hidden cases. Rahima Banu becomes the last diagnosed case of Variola Major in October 1975.

Public Trust (04:57)

The global health community targets polio and eradicates it from 118 countries. In 2003, Nigerian imams issue a fatwa against the polio program. Vaccine opposition in Pakistan erupts after the U.S. uses a fake program in of search of Osama bin Laden. Brilliant discusses politics and disease control.

Credits: Coronavirus: Lessons From Past Epidemics (00:22)

Credits: Coronavirus: Lessons From Past Epidemics

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Coronavirus: Lessons From Past Epidemics

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The race for a vaccine against COVID19 recalls past efforts to conquer infectious diseases. Dr. Larry Brilliant was part of the World Health Organization’s smallpox eradication campaign in the 1970s. Today he is urging the U.S. to learn the lessons from the past.

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