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Introduction: Shakespeare: Like No Other, Part II (01:50)


Shakespeare wrote approximately 36 plays, all set in the past. He examines human conduct on a personal level. This film will help familiarize the audience with Shakespeare's work to allow for greater enjoyment when watching a performance.

"Julius Caesar" (07:19)

A painting depicts the pivotal moment of Shakespeare’s 1599 work. Tension and drama draw the audience into the tragedy that highlights motives, honor, and ambition. Poetic language and verse create a plane of intensity; review a speech from Act one Scene two.

"The Merchant of Venice" (07:18)

The Jewish moneylender Shylock tries to cause the death of his enemy Antonio, and Bassanio seeks to win the hand of Portia. Portia disguised as a judge, turns Shylock's arguments against him. Shakespeare's work highlights prejudice, revenge, and justice.

"Measure for Measure" (04:03)

The Duke of Vienna retires and makes Lord Angelo his regent. Angelo sentences Claudio to death but offers a pardon in exchange for Isabella's favor. Shakespeare unravels a range of human failings and virtues.

"Macbeth" (12:55)

Macbeth and Banquo encounter three witches who prophesize about the men's futures. Macbeth decides to kill his king and take the throne. Lady Macbeth is Shakespeare's strongest female character. Unlettered characters clash with Shakespeare's refined heroes.

"The Tempest" (08:03)

Shakespeare's final play, written in 1611, is a farewell to his working life. Prospero and his daughter live in exile on an island. A shipwreck occurs and Miranda meets Ferdinand. Retribution, magic, and transformation are themes in the play. Shakespeare died in 1616.

Credits: Shakespeare: Like No Other, Part II (00:29)

Credits: Shakespeare: Like No Other, Part II

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A guide to getting to grips with the plays of Shakespeare.

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