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Techno Food: Food 3.0

Item #: 280755

Bio Food: Food 3.0

Item #: 280756

Franken Food: Food 3.0

Item #: 280757

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Food 3.0

The Series Includes : Techno Food: Food 3.0 | Bio Food: Food 3.0 | Franken Food: Food 3.0
DVD (Chaptered) Price: $509.85
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Given our current practices, the planet will soon be unable to satisfy the demand for food. This is already of vital concern, but it is set to become even more pressing. What kind of solutions could help us rise to this immense challenge? This series directed by Jean-Baptiste Erreca and Guilhem Randot presents a ground-breaking account of the trends that will shape tomorrow’s food.

Length: 129 minutes

Item#: BVL280754

Copyright date: ©2018

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