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“Country, Conscience, and the Anti-Slavery Cause" (02:18)


An actor recites an excerpt from Frederick Douglass's speech given in May 1847. Douglass is the most famous black man in the world during the 19th century. (Credits)

Part One: I Have Come to Tell You Something About Slavery (12:44)

Andre Holland reads from "The Autobiographies of Frederick Douglass." Experts discuss Douglass's use of language. Douglass is born into slavery in 1818. In Baltimore, he learns how to read and about abolitionism; he escapes to Massachusetts in 1838. Denzel Whitaker performs Douglass's 1841 Nantucket speech.

Part Two: I Have No Love for America (09:29)

Douglass begins speaking for the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society and publishes his first autobiography in 1845. He flees to England but returns to the U.S. speaking circuit in 1847. Jonathan Majors performs “Country, Conscience, and the Anti-Slavery Cause" speech. Douglass establishes "The North Star" and his fame increases.

Part Three: We Need the Storm (10:28)

Douglass does not write about his private life. Experts discuss his marriage to Anna and his mental health. In 1852, Douglass speaks at the Ladies Anti-Slavery Society Independence Day event. Nicole Beharie performs his "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?" speech.

Part Four: They Will Fight With Vengeance (11:45)

The Civil War creates a personal transformation for Douglass. President Lincoln signs the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862. Colman Domingo performs "The Proclamation and a Negro Army.” Experts discuss black soldiers, Douglass’s meeting with Lincoln, his presence in photographs, fame, and Reconstruction.

Part Five: Lessons of the Hour (10:13)

Reconstruction lasts 12 years and transforms the U.S. Constitution. Experts discuss Douglass's role in Washington, his marriage to Helen Pitts, and Jim Crow white supremacy. Jeffrey Wright performs Douglass's final speech written in 1894. Douglass lives the whole trajectory of 19th century America.

Credits: Frederick Douglass: In Five Speeches (01:01)

Credits: Frederick Douglass: In Five Speeches

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Frederick Douglass: In Five Speeches

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Inspired by David Blight’s Pulitzer Prize winning biography, this documentary brings to life the words of our country’s most famous anti-slavery activist. Actors Nicole Beharie, Colman Domingo, Jonathan Majors, Denzel Whitaker and Jeffrey Wright draw from five of Douglass’ legendary speeches, to represent a different moment in the tumultuous history of 19th century America.

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