Segments in this Video

Benefits to the Right (01:58)


Accident investigator Mike Pehl lists the top three deadly automobile accidents and the number one teen nuisance accident. He stresses the importance of knowing your defensive driving exit.

Avoiding Head-On Collisions (01:08)

Learn why head-collisions are the #1 deadly driving accident and survival tips to avoid them.

Preventing T-bone Accidents (01:48)

Mike Pehl describes the #2 killer in automobile accidents and illustrates how defensive driving can prevent you from hitting another vehicle between the wheels.

Rear-End Accidents (01:45)

Mike Pehl explains the two reasons rear-end accidents happen. He gives defensive driving tips to avoid the #1 accident of teens.

Defensive Driving at Intersections (01:10)

Learn a survival tip of looking both ways to avoiding T-bone accidents at intersections.

Defensive Driving and Following Distance (01:22)

Learn the 3 second rule to determine a safe following dance at freeway speeds.

Defensive Driving on Country Roads (02:53)

Mike Pehl details defensive driving principles for the unique risks of driving on country roads such as avoiding oncoming passing cars and avoiding cars too close to the center line.

Over-Correction (01:52)

Learn how to correctly bring your car back on the blacktop after going off the shoulder to avoid flipping your vehicle. Mike Pehl describes survival tips for driving around sweeping curves.

Have an Exit Strategy (01:55)

Mike Pehl stresses planning a defensive driving exit based on changing roads and conditions. Know where the shoulder is and what it is comprised of to determine if an accident can be avoided by going into the ditch.

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Mike Pehl remembers that when his father gave him the car keys for the first time, it was with one succinct message: “Do not crash.” Now, after years of experience analyzing automobile wreckage, Pehl understands all too well that that sort of simple advice is not enough to keep new drivers safe. In this program, Pehl draws on his career as a crash investigator to let viewers know the best way to react to adverse situations on the road. Focusing on the types of accidents most common to teens, he advises on navigating intersections, preventing rear-end collisions, and the hazards of country roads—which he calls “killers” for young people—along with providing important, bottom-line, defensive driving tips. (16 minutes)

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