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Summer 2020: Phoenix Act Coalition (02:19)


Evan Rachel Wood became an activist after ending her relationship with Marilyn Manson. She has received several threats and is terrified to name him publicly. Wood works with artist Illma Gore to pass legislation supporting and protecting domestic violence and sexual assault victims.

Wood: Early Childhood and Family Troubles (08:33)

Wood’s family was theatrical; she received her Screen Actors Guild card at age five. By age nine, her parents’ relationship became turbulent. She and her mother moved to Los Angeles, fleeing her father, and leaving her brother Ira behind.

Wood: Acting While Grown Up (05:05)

Wood grew up believing she must endure uncomfortable situations. Her “Thirteen” character branded her a troubled teen and led to several mature roles. Wood's homeschooling did not include sexual education. She recalls being an insecure teenager, informed by a pornographic magazine.

Los Angeles 2006: Groomed by Marilyn Manson (09:25)

Wood met Manson at Chateau Marmont; he suggested she work on his project, “Phantasmagoria.” Wood describes his rock icon image and fan base. The pair quickly became friends, but Manson made his intentions when he kissed her.

Manson: Relationship Tactics (08:14)

Manson told Wood he was in love with her and manipulated her into a relationship. They engaged in blood pacts, including scarification, and drinking blood. Manson encouraged Wood to question her mother’s management skills, using those failures to encourage mistrust of her parents.

Sexual Assault and The Phoenix Act (10:03)

While filming a music video, Manson raped Wood. After sharing her story, Wood spoke at the 2018 Sexual Assault Survivor's Bill of Rights hearing. She contacted domestic violence activists, and built the Phoenix act Coalition, attempting to change statute of limitations laws.

Manson: Abuse Cycle (03:10)

Manson was born Brian Hugh Warner. In his autobiography, he recounts being bullied at school and physically abused by his father. His parents often fought, and his mother was mentally ill. Manson describes violently lashing out when he suspected her of cheating on his father.

The Phoenix Act Coalition (05:46)

The coalition of activists speak personally with California officials; Wood shares stories of abuse, explaining that it took years for her to feel safe enough to do so. She testifies at a public hearing, getting legislation passed and extending statutes of limitation times.

Manson: Transformative Narcissism (06:06)

In his autobiography, Manson describes giving up on humanity and being reborn a manipulative character. He recalls escalating violence with band members during shows. Wood discusses Manson's obsession with Hitler; the music industry enables Manson's behavior for financial gain.

Manson: Ongoing Behavior (02:54)

Wood discovers that authorities are investigating Manson. Other abuse survivors contact her, necessitating the Phoenix Act Coalition move operations to avoid harassment and violence.

Wood: Stopping Marilyn Manson (03:38)

Wood describes being isolated while touring with Manson; it was the first time he was violent toward her. She feels stopping him from committing further abuse is urgent as he shows patterns of escalating violence against women.

Stopping Manson: Backlash (02:40)

Manson releases “We Are Chaos" on September 11th, 2020. Wood receives criticism for not naming him as her abuser, but others show her support. Going after her abuser makes Wood a target and forces her to relive her trauma.

Credits: Part 1: Don't Fall (01:11)

Credits: Part 1: Don't Fall

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After helping to pass domestic violence legislation, Evan Rachel Wood shares her story of abuse at the hands of rock icon Marilyn Manson.

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