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The Power of Big Oil: Part One: Denial (01:38)


The oil and gas industry has known about climate change and its effects for more than 40 years. Knowing it would be the end of their industry, oil and gas companies hide their own research.

Chapter I: A Proud History (15:39)

In the 1970s, Exxon had a team of scientists that found that burning fossil fuels would change the climate. As gas prices fell, most research divisions were cut. Exxon and other oil companies ignored the findings, covering them up by the 1990s.

Chapter II: Emphasize the Uncertainty (11:58)

In 1988, global warming became a matter of public policy. A Senate hearing was held, and NASA scientist James Hansen explained the greenhouse gas effect. The seriousness of the problem and how to combat it was debated and downplayed by some scientists and the oil and gas industry.

Chapter III: An Environmental Presidency (30:56)

In 1993, Koch Industries organized opposition to the BTU carbon tax proposed by President Bill Clinton’s administration. It created the playbook for oil and gas companies lobbying and funding climate deniers to contradict any new scientific discoveries about climate change.

Chapter IV: The Grand Fog (21:37)

The Kyoto Protocols created a global treaty for developed nations to reduce carbon emissions. Oil and gas lobbyists and companies touted that it would hurt the economy and cut jobs. Facing strong opposition, the Clinton Administration never ratified the agreement.

Credits: The Power of Big Oil: Episode 1 (00:60)

Credits: The Power of Big Oil: Episode 1

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The Power of Big Oil: Episode 1

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The fossil fuel industry’s history of casting doubt and delaying action on climate change. Part one of a three-part series tracing decades of casting doubt on the science, missed opportunities and the ongoing attempts to hold Big Oil to account.

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