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Buffalo Soldiers (02:07)


The four units defended settlers in the American west from enemy Native Americans and Mexicans. By 1900, they began protecting lands outside of the American west.

Seminole-Black Indian Scouts (06:28)

The scouts worked with Col. Ranald Mackenzie to remove hostile Native Americans from the borderlands; the U.S. Army agreed to return them to their land in Florida. Many scouts were recognized for valor during the Indian Wars before the group was disbanded in 1914.

Seminole-Black Scouts Legacy (03:53)

Never receiving recognition by the United States government, the scouts settled in Bracketville, Texas. Descendants still gather in the town to keep the history alive.

Mexican Revolution (04:44)

In 1916, Mexican General Pancho Villa attacked the town of Columbus, New Mexico. General John Pershing and the Buffalo Soldiers chased Villa with the latest military technology. As World War I loomed closer, Pershing received other duties, but the Buffalo Soldiers remained to protect the border.

World War I (05:26)

The Buffalo Soldiers had proven themselves, but black Americans were barred from fighting roles in the war. The white officers who served with them in the American west were promoted to high positions. Lt. Col. Charles Young was forced to retire.

World War II (03:49)

The military remained segregated, but the Buffalo Soldiers were sent to the Pacific Theater in support roles. They eventually saw combat and received honors. The calvary units were disbanded in 1944.

92nd Division (06:02)

The all-black division was nicknamed the Buffalo Division and sent to fight in Italy. The division was not fully recognized for their contributions, which they did with less training and resources.

Korean War (09:19)

The last of the original Buffalo Solider units, the 24th Infantry, was a combat team in 1950. Though the military was integrated in 1948, the army resisted. The soldiers’ contribution to the crossing of the Han River was downplayed.

Buffalo Soldiers Legacy (03:23)

None of the four original units remain. In 1973, Bob Burton founded The Buffalo Soldiers of Vision Quest, a residential program for troubled boys. The New Buffalo Soldiers is an educational group that teaches their history.

Credits: Buffalo Soldiers: The Legend Continues, 1900-1993 (00:26)

Credits: Buffalo Soldiers: The Legend Continues, 1900-1993

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The stirring saga of the four black Buffalo Soldier units and their heroic service to America in many wars. Traces their roots to the Seminole-Negro scouts who served the Army during the Indian wars and follows their exploits.

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