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Chapter 1: Revolution (11:04)


Alexander Hamilton was born on the island of Nevis in 1755 to a poor, unmarried couple. He moved to colonial America at 18 to get an education. He wrote pamphlets for the rebellion and joined George Washington's army, as his chief aide.

Chapter 2: A United Nation (11:20)

Hamilton married rich socialite Elizabeth Schuyler, giving him power and connections. He became a lawyer and rival of Aaron Burr. Hamilton thought the states had too much power and wanted a strong federal government.

Chapter 3: Price of Liberty (08:11)

In 1789, the Constitution was ratified, and Washington was elected president. Hamilton became the first secretary of the treasury because of his economic and legal knowledge. He worked to get the federal government to assume the states' debt to unify the nation.

Chapter 4: The Cost of Money (07:21)

Hamilton created a plan to pay off the national debt through government bonds, so America could become a financial power. He created a strong federal bank, which Thomas Jefferson and his supporters opposed. He unified currency throughout the country with a national mint.

Chapter 5: Political Rivals (07:40)

Hamilton clashed with Jefferson, Burr, and James Madison, causing a political divide that resulted in the Federalists and Republicans. Jeffersonian newspapers constantly attacked Hamilton for his views and background. Hamilton responded with essays.

Chapter 6: Breaking Point (05:50)

By 1793, the fighting between Hamilton's Federalists and Jefferson's Republicans caused people to doubt the government. Jefferson believed Washington's decision to not support the French Revolution was Hamilton's doing. Hamilton resigned in 1794, but Washington called him back to write his farewell address.

Chapter 7: Scandal (08:08)

In 1796, the nation had its first contested election and Hamilton chose not to run. Many believe it was under duress because the Jeffersonians threatened to reveal a scandal. When he was accused of corruption with James Reynolds, Hamilton admitted he had an affair with Maria Reynolds.

Chapter 8: A War at Home (09:17)

Washington again became commander in chief after Napoleon Bonaparte threatened to attack American ships. He requested Hamilton as his second in command, marking his return to public life after the Reynolds scandal. Washington died in 1799, leaving Hamilton without his most powerful ally.

Chapter 9: Press & Politics (07:17)

Hamilton started a newspaper, so his Federalist ideas would be heard. Jeffersonian papers attacked Hamilton and Burr founded his own newspaper. Hamilton's son Phillip was killed in a duel over a political argument.

Chapter 10: Fighting Words (08:00)

Hamilton removed himself from public life after Phillip's death but returned when Burr decided to run for governor of New York. Burr blamed Hamilton for his loss and challenged him to a duel. On July 11, 1804, Burr killed Hamilton.

Credits: Hamilton: Building America (00:02)

Credits: Hamilton: Building America

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