Titles in this Series

Hidden in the Genes

Item #: 278636

Activist Roots

Item #: 278637

Children of Exile

Item #: 278638

Things We Don't Discuss

Item #: 278639

Mexican Roots

Item #: 278640


Item #: 278641

Forgotten Journeys

Item #: 278642

Songs of the Past

Item #: 278643

Watchmen: Finding Your Roots (Season 8)

Item #: 279441

Where Did We Come From?: Finding Your Roots (Season 8)

Item #: 279442

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Renowned scholar Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. returns for a new season of Finding Your Roots. Using genealogical detective work and cutting-edge DNA analysis, Gates guides twenty-one influential guests deep into the branches of their family trees, revealing surprising stories of love, hardship, and triumph that transcend borders and merge to form an American root system fortified by its diversity.

Length: 600 minutes

Item#: BVL278635

Copyright date: ©2022

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