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Introduction: Nursing: Into the Future (00:46)


Nurses are on the frontline of healthcare delivery. This video covers the expanding role of nurses in the future of healthcare in the United States and emerging opportunities.

The Nursing Workforce (04:07)

In 2022, the U.S. has over 4 million registered nurses, 1 million LPNs/LVNs, and 325,000 nurse practitioners; learn average salaries. A 2020 survey reveals labor statistics by race, gender, and work location. The severe nursing shortage impacts the healthcare system in five ways.

Increasing Education (03:16)

Rapid advancement requires nurses to have more complex knowledge to be effective. In 2022, 57% of nurses have advanced degrees. As more individuals apply for nursing programs, acceptance could become a challenge; cyber skills carry into the nursing practice.

Telemedicine and Informatics (02:32)

Information technology has significantly changed the efficiency of the healthcare delivery system; the COVID epidemic spurred the use of telemedicine. Nurses must be current in information technology; learn informatics positions.

Cross-Cultural Migration (01:38)

Increased nurse migration between countries will become more prevalent. Many nurses from the Philippines, India, Nigeria, Jamaica, and Mexico work within six U.S. states. Speaking a second language affords nursing opportunities.

Advanced Specialization (03:35)

Medical and scientific advances increase opportunities for future nurses to specialize and serve in their area of interest. Current trends in the U.S. indicate nurse practitioners, geriatric nurses, nurse educators, nurse anesthetists, and nurse managers will be particularly important.

Conclusion (03:00)

The World Health Organization predicts a nursing shortage of up to 5.7 million worldwide by 2030; opportunities abound. The healthcare industry is recession-proof and has several benefits. Nurses must become aware of their personal health.

Credits: Nursing: Into the Future (00:39)

Credits: Nursing: Into the Future

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As nurses continue to expand their role in the delivery of healthcare in many settings and as the population increases, the shortage of nurses will continue to be a challenge. Nurses in the future will expand their reach by obtaining advanced academic degrees, becoming technologically proficient, and acquiring specialized knowledge. This program discusses the future of nursing, nursing shortages, and growing careers, presenting current nursing statistics, and considering the exigencies of an aging population, cross-cultural migration, nurses’ salaries, changing demographics, telemedicine, and informatics.

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