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Melting Permafrost (08:56)


Svalbard is a group of islands in the Arctic Ocean. A local gives insight into how climate change affects lives in this region. Temperatures have risen six degrees Celsius over 50 years.

Nordenskiold Glacier Retreat (06:57)

Glaciers cover two-thirds of Svalbard. A polar guide explains how melting Arctic ice has set off a chain of events that causes the Earth to warm faster. Pyramiden is a coal mining town that closed in 1998.

Copenhagen's Green Revolution (02:49)

The city is planning to be carbon neutral by 2025. CopenHill is an energy plant that runs on garbage.

Alternative to Deforestation (06:08)

The meat industry is one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gasses. Enorm grows fly larvae to feed livestock. Eventually the larvae will be broken down by its nutrients for human consumption.

World's Biggest Bicycle Street (05:05)

Bicycling is one of the ways that Copenhagen has reduced carbon emissions. The city has invested millions in cycling infrastructure to make it the fastest mode of transportation.

School Strike for Climate (04:31)

Inspired by Greta Thunberg, young people in Stockholm, Sweden hold a peaceful protest outside of parliament every Friday. Global carbon emissions have increased since the Paris Agreement,

Benefits of Peat Moss (06:50)

Scientists in Stockholm study dead plant material that does not completely decompose, preventing the release of carbon dioxide. Draining peatlands releases stored carbon.

House of the Future (07:55)

In 2020, the EU generated more electricity from renewable sources than fossil fuels. Hans Olof runs a renewable energy company and has built a house that can store excess energy from solar panels. Sun and water is an energy system.

Credits: Scandinavia—Climate Change: Ade on the Frontline (00:27)

Credits: Scandinavia—Climate Change: Ade on the Frontline

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For the final leg of his journey, Ade heads to Scandinavia. Starting in the frozen islands of Svalbard and heading through Sweden and Denmark, he sees how winter temperatures have risen by an astonishing amount in the Arctic, takes a look at how Copenhagen is attempting to become carbon neutral by 2025, and learns how valuable peat is in our fight against climate change. Along the way, he meets someone preparing for the apocalypse in a Swedish forest and talks with Greta Thunberg about how younger generations are determined to turn things around.

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