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Ganges Delta, Bangladesh (05:51)


Tropical cyclones are becoming more intense as climate change continues. Once fertile farmland is now covered in water and villagers are struggling to survive.

Sundarbans (07:30)

Bangladesh is planning to use mangrove trees as protection from future storms and flooding. The Bangladesh Forest Department has been growing saplings to plant along its exposed Indian Ocean coastline.

Emirates Friendship Hospital (04:40)

This floating hospital provides healthcare to hundreds of people per day. It is more reliable than a structure built on land. Floating schools and farms are also being created.

Future of Ganges Delta (05:27)

Climate change is making it difficult for farmers to survive. Once salt water gets in soil, it can no longer grow crops.

Climate Refugees (05:33)

Many people are moving from the Ganges Delta to the country's capital. Dhaka is one of the most densely populated cities on Earth.

Sustainability in Bhutan (07:15)

This remote kingdom in the Himalayas is carbon negative. An elderly yak herder shares his concerns for the future of his way of life as temperatures continue to rise, making his livestock sick.

Glacial Lakes (03:18)

Besides the polar regions, the Himalayas are the largest ice store in the world. A glacier scientist explains the threat of melting ice.

Gross National Happiness (05:00)

The prime minister of Bhutan discusses the human desire for economic development and the kingdom's focus on GNP instead of GDP. The country absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere by planting trees.

Tree Warrior (04:57)

Bhutan removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with its trees, which are protected in the country's constitution. One individual has planted over 100,000 trees by hand,

Credits: Bangladesh and Bhutan—Climate Change: Ade on the Frontline (00:33)

Credits: Bangladesh and Bhutan—Climate Change: Ade on the Frontline

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Bangladesh and Bhutan—Climate Change: Ade on the Frontline

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Ade travels through the stunning water world of Bangladesh's Ganges delta, before heading into the remote Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. The Bangladesh delta is stunning and lush - but it's also under threat from the increasingly extreme weather that climate change is causing. The cyclones rolling in from the Indian Ocean are an enormous problem for such a low-lying country: a quarter of Bangladesh is just a few feet above sea level. But Bangladesh is blessed with one of nature's greatest defenses against the tidal surges caused by extreme weather: mangrove trees. Ade joins a government effort - racing against the tide - to plant huge new areas with mangroves. In Bhutan, Ade discovers how melting Himalayan glaciers are affecting the entire world. He also meets a yak herder and hears how hard life is getting for normal people there. But after speaking with the prime minister of Bhutan, Ade discovers how Bhutan isn't just carbon neutral, it's carbon negative.

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