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Tall Buildings (02:21)


Population growth and urbanization have led to there being more tall buildings throughout the world. Fire, earthquakes, and collapses of tall buildings have high death tolls. Making them safe and appealing are major concerns going forward.

Urbanization and Tall Buildings (05:51)

The tallest buildings show off the extremes of engineering possibilities. Demand has increased because of the rise in global urbanization. Many structures are built with a sense of community in mind.

Fires in Tall Buildings (06:54)

In the U.S., fires in new buildings are rare, but they are more common in older apartment buildings. Shelter in place rules and limited communication systems increase risks. Sprinklers have not always been mandatory.

Architectural Mistakes (04:09)

Engineering and construction mistakes can lead to disasters at tall buildings. The Millennium Tower in San Francisco began leaning and sinking; structural engineers were brought in to fix it.

Wind and Tall Buildings (08:10)

Using lighter building materials was a trend in the 1970s. Wind became a threat because the buildings would sway. Mass dampers and wind tunnel tests were common to stop movement.

Earthquakes and Tall Buildings (06:56)

In cities like San Francisco, a powerful earthquake will cause some buildings to collapse. Buildings made with steel frames are less likely to collapse than masonry ones.

Earthquake Factors and Tall Buildings (09:33)

A building’s chance of making it through an earthquake depends on resonance, soil conditions, and location. The closer to a fault a city is, the more dangerous an earthquake can be. Engineers in San Francisco are researching ways to make buildings as safe and resilient as possible.

Designs of Tall Building (07:55)

Engineers and seismic experts advocate for new building codes that protect the resiliency of a building; resiliency features are expensive, and most builders do not include them. Some designers focus on ensuring tall buildings provide a sense of community.

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Every year, hundreds of new skyscrapers are built around the globe. As nations vie for prestige, these shimmering towers are rising higher and higher. But for all their impressive engineering, are these buildings safe? Can we be sure how they will hold up in earthquakes, fires, and other potential disasters? What have—or haven’t—we learned from past tragedies?

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