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The Advantages Of Side-lying Massage (03:52)


The side lying position is great for people with low back pain, as it is a neutral position that is safe to work on.

Improving Posterior Tilt with Massage (02:33)

If you have a posterior tilt, you can use a movement like this to help stretch the fascia and muscles in the back and increase your ability to move the spine in that direction.

Getting Vertical: The Spine (04:11)

To work on a person's thoracic spine, have them move their head forward to create a kyphosis, then work down this side of the spine. You can also work on the opposite side of the spine or up and down the spine. Use your body weight to push down on the person's arm to get a good stretch.

Workout: Mobilize the Scapula (02:04)

To summarize, here are the key points:. To work on the ribs, have the client hold the drape on with their other hand.. To work on the upper Trapezius, use an anchor and stretch, stroke to push the shoulder down, and then use a fist to roll the muscle back.

Elbow And Shoulder Girdle (03:45)

There are many ways to mobilize the shoulder girdle, but one of the best is to come in from the side and stabilize the spine. This allows you to open up the arm and move the scapula in any direction.

Rotation and Mobility - Upper and Lower Body (02:18)

To help with shoulder mobility and rotation, have the person's pelvis move in one direction while the upper body moves in the opposite direction.

Spine: Rotatores Multiifidus (02:55)

The video demonstrates how to use a knuckle to rotate a vertebra and then use that rotation to tilt the pelvis.

Core, Pelvis, And Neck (02:38)

The side-lying position is great for working on the spine, pelvis, and other areas. It is also a great way to work on the neck.

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This program talks about the advantages and goals of using the side-lying position for upper body work before demonstrating these techniques with specific massage.

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