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Goals For Side Lying Instructors (04:07)


The side-lying position is a great way to work on people's mobility and can help with injuries.

Workout: Tilting the Pelvis (02:03)

Side lying can be used to address many issues, including anterior and posterior tilt, stretching the IT band, and stretching the upper trapezius.

Using Side Lying Position (02:18)

Side-lying is a great position for massage therapists to use, as it is more comfortable for the client and allows for more effective work to be done. Practice with friends until you are comfortable with the position, and be sure to use a foam pad for extra comfort.

Footwork: Contiguous Massage (02:50)

If someone's pelvis is rotated, have them scoot their bottom forward to get their pelvis in a nice vertical position, and use a bolster, several pillows, and have the top leg in this position so that it is not pulling the pelvis over. Then, start at the base and move up.

Climbing Fist (03:06)

The climbing fist is the best way to get tracking of the knee in a nice straight way.

Tensor Fascia Latae (03:25)

The video demonstrates how to use a bolster and pillow to perform a posterior pelvic tilt stretch for the IT band and lateral line. The stretch is performed by lying on your back with your legs in a neutral position, then bringing your knee forward and over the bolster. The pillow is then used to support your knee.

Tissue Rolling (02:43)

Use the soft palm of your hand to massage the tissue, using little to no lubrication. Work both borders of the tissue, and focus on specific areas that are fibrous. Stretch the hamstrings to get the leg out of the way. Decompress the joint by pulling the leg down into the acetabulum.

Scrubbing the Ilium - Soft Fist (05:01)

Use a soft fist to massage the quadratus Lumborum. Stretch the quadratus Lumborum by pushing the pelvis down and away from the ribs.

Credits (00:00)


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In this program, we begin learning how to do massage work while the client is in the side-lying position. The program covers the goals and advantages of this position before beginning a demonstration of lower body massage in side-lying position.

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