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Specific Stroke Techniques (03:48)


Specific stroke techniques include moving quickly and using broad strokes, checking the head and neck, and checking the fascia on the skull.

Revisited Fascia (02:20)

The therapist uses her hands to move the client's body and stretch the fascia. She also works on the client's ribs and Trapezius muscles.

Tightening the Lumbar Fascia (02:05)

To sum up, there are a few key things to remember when working with fascia:1. Fascial tissue is highly elastic and can be easily stretched. 2. Fascial tissue can anchor other muscles and tissues in the body. 3. Fascial tissue can transmit force and movement throughout the body.

Pelvis and Abdomen (03:02)

So we're going to come down to the abdomen. I'm going to wait till our energies match here. I'm actually going way down deep, way down deep into her viscera just talking to her here. Consider taking a visceral manipulation class, or at least craniosacral therapy to tune into these deeper rhythms. It is just so rewarding.

General Massage - Iliac and Psoas (02:58)

1. Use a general massage approach when working on the iliac and psoas. 2. Use a soft palm and move it around the area to soften it. 3. Do not work too hard on the area - just a little bit is enough.

Technique: Internal Rotation (02:57)

Use a light touch and focus on specific areas to improve internal rotation. Work on the hands and thumbs to open them up and release tension.

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Continuing up the body, Art Riggs demonstrates how to put these specific strokes and techniques into a broad, more cohesive massage. In this program, he demonstrates some superficial, diagnostic techniques on the head and neck before doing some more specific upper body work on the arms and chest.

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